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Union Army Civil War pension file and carded medical records (no service records)

Union Army Civil War pension file and carded medical records (no service records)

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Not every soldier has a pension file. Please do not order the pension file if you're not sure if he has a file. You will need the pension index card in order to place the order. If you don't know if he got a pension or don't have the pension index card, and we can help you before you place this order.

This package is best for soldiers in which the service records have already been digitized and put online.  This package includes:

1. The complete pension file

2. A search for any carded medical records


Details & Terms

  • You will receive full color images of the records, delivered electronically via DropBox.  
  • Please allow for 6-8 weeks at the most for delivery, but in many cases it will be shorter than that. 
  • These are only available for Union soldiers.
  • Please be sure you submit the correct details.  We're not responsible if you order the wrong soldier.  If you have a Civil War ancestor, but you're not sure what's available to order, click here and we can help you start the process.     
  • Because of the time involved in searching through the medical cards, these are non-refundable, even if none are found.  In this case, you're paying for the search, regardless if there are medical cards on file or not. 
  • Pension files larger than 250 pages may be subject to an additional charge
  • If the pension file is one that is in St. Louis instead of DC, there may be a small fee added in order to retrieve the file from there.  (Most files are in DC, but we won't know until we request the file if it's in DC or St. Louis.)

 Please input the pension file numbers (from the pension index card) OR upload a copy of the pension index card when ordering.  These are searchable on's Civil War Pension Index

Note:  Please DO NOT order a pension file unless you know for sure that there is a pension on file.  Not every soldier received a pension.  If you're not sure if there is a pension file available, contact us first and we'll help you find out.  Thanks!

(Please submit the soldier's name, even if you're submitting a pension index card.)

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