Do you have ancestors who fought in the Union Army during the Civil War?

Were they in any of the other wars from the 1800s? There is a good chance that their military records are at the National Archives in Washington DC.

We are at the National Archives on a regular basis and have retrieved and digitized hundreds of these files for our clients. Our rates are much lower than if you ordered these files directly from the National Archives, and you’ll get the records back much quicker too.   

Military records can be among the most genealogically significant sources you can find on your ancestors. They unfortunately can be among the least accessible documents, too. The majority of these files are not online anywhere– they are only available at the National Archives.

We go to DC so you don't have to!

Ordering is easy!

If you already have a pension index card for your Civil War or War of 1812 soldier (like the one pictured), you're halfway there.  You can browse what's available and place your order here

If you're not sure where to start, or if you need help tracking down the pension index card, we can assist you.  Click here to get help with that.  You can also find these on,, or