UPDATE on 19 April 2022... The National Archives have reopened! I'll be turning on direct ordering from my website soon, but for now, contact me to be added to the waiting list

Not sure what's available for YOUR ancestor?

You're in the right place!  We specialize in military records at the National Archives  from the 1800s, and can give you a free quote of what records might be available and how we can help you get them.

Note:  The National Archives in Washington DC only has military records from before 1917, so we don't have access to WORLD WAR I or WORLD WAR II records or anything more recent. 

Unfortunately, there are no CONFEDERATE records at the National Archives either. 

REVOLUTIONARY WAR records are all on Fold3.com, so we don't have access to anything that isn't already there.  

Have more specific questions?  Contact us here.

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