Not sure what's available for YOUR ancestor?

You're in the right place!  We specialize in military records at the National Archives from the 1800s, and can help you look up what records might be available for your ancestor so you know what to order.

Please note:  This is not the page to order records.  If you're ready to order, go here instead.   

If you are wondering about the prices of the records, you can browse through the various record sets here, along with the prices for them.

This is a free lookup service, so it covers the basic records (pensions, service records and bounty land).  If your look up request is submitted with limited background information to start with, or is more involved or complicated than these basic records, we have researchers who will still be able to help, but may have to charge a research fee to help find him in the records.   THE MORE YOU TELL US TO BEGIN WITH, THE BETTER CHANCE WE HAVE OF HELPING YOU.  Please answer as many of these questions ast you know the answer to.

PLEASE ANSWER AS MANY OF THESE QUESTIONS AS YOU KNOW THE ANSWER TO.  These questions were specifically chosen to help narrow down the right soldier.  It is next to impossible to look up a soldier with just a name and no other information to identify him.  Please help us out by telling us what you know of your soldier so we can help get you correct information.  Thanks!

Because of the number of emails we get, there may be a delay in responding to your question.  

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