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Rhinehart Roots

Federal Land Records

Federal Land Records

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Do you have an ancestor who uprooted and settled west of the Mississippi?  There's a chance they acquired federal land.  These federal land records are another often overlooked record group that can shed new light on your ancestors' lives.   If you find your ancestor in this index (, there is a file on the transaction available at the National Archives. 

Note: This file is not the same as the scanned patent image that is already available online.  There is more available at the National Archives that is not scanned online.

When ordering, please include either the URL of the entry that you have found on the Bureau of Land Management index, or a screen shot of the information from the BLM website (as seen at the top of this page).  This will ensure that we find the correct file. 

This applies only to files that are indexed in the Bureau of Land Management index.  If the land transaction is not listed in that index, please contact me directly for details on how to order.  

ALSO, if the land file happens to be much larger than average, there may be an extra charge.  This is rare, but there are files that are quite large.  


Details & Terms

  • You will receive full color images of the records, delivered electronically.  
  • Please allow for 6-8 weeks at the most for delivery, but in many cases it will be shorter than that. 
  • Please be sure you submit the correct details.  We're not responsible if you order the wrong file.  



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