UPDATE on 20 June 2022 THE NATIONAL ARCHIVES HAVE REOPENED! I've reactivated the ability to order directly through the website

War of 1812 Compiled Service Record

War of 1812 Compiled Service Record

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If your ancestor fought in the War of 1812, there's a good chance the he has a compiled service record on file.  These small files can have information in them about where the soldier was and what his regiment was doing.  

 Details & Terms

  • You will receive full color images of the records, delivered electronically.  
  • Please allow for 6-8 weeks at the most for delivery, but in many cases it will be shorter than that.     
  • Please be sure you submit the correct details.  We're not responsible if you order the wrong soldier.  If you have a War of 1812 ancestor, but you're not sure what's available to order, click here and we can help you start the process.


Please input as much information as you know about your soldier, below OR upload a copy of the pension index card, if you have it, when ordering.  These are searchable on Fold3.com's 1812 Pension Index.  The pension card will have all of the regimental information on it.

(Please submit the soldier's name, even if you're submitting a pension index card.)