Where are my records?

One question I get a lot is some variation of “when will I get my records from you?” Trust me, I get it. I know that for those of us who love researching our family, getting these records can be like Christmas morning. There are some really exciting details tucked away in these records, so I know you’re anxious to dig in.

That being said, let me send a friendly reminder that the terms on most of these orders stated to allow up to six weeks to get your records back (I know, I often overlook or forget all of the fine print in things I agree to). There’s a good chance that the records that you’re asking about are still within that six week time period.

Most of the time, it will take less than six weeks though. There are times I’m able to get them within a week or two, depending on what you’re ordering.  But that's not always the case. At any given time, I’m working with as many as twenty to thirty different clients.  Since most of them order multiple records, that means that even more individual records being ordered. So as much as I would love to always get you your records the next day or even the next week, that’s not always practical. I promise I’m working as quickly as I can to get through the records and get you what you ordered.

If it’s been four weeks or more since you ordered, feel free to check in and see where your order is in line. Chances are, your records are almost ready by that point.  But otherwise, like a little kid during Christmas season, be patient.  Your records are coming! (And if anyone has a set of flying reindeer I can borrow, I can get them to you even quicker!)