UPDATE on 20 June 2022 THE NATIONAL ARCHIVES HAVE REOPENED! I've reactivated the ability to order directly through the website

Thanks for stopping by!

Thanks for stopping by!  If you're viewing this page, it's probably because you're attending the Ohio Genealogy Society's virtual conference. 


We have a couple of special offers in place just for this conference's attendees. 

First, any order you place during the conference will be discounted by 15%.  Contact us directly to get started. (Be sure to mention that you're an OGS attendee so you can get that discounted rate)

Second, we're giving away one free Civil War file from the National Archives, so you can enter that here.  


We provide on-site research and record retrieval services at the National Archives, specializing in Civil War and War of 1812 soldiers.  Our services are quicker and cheaper than ordering directly from the National Archives.  If you have an ancestor who fought in either of those wars, there's a good chance that they have records at the National Archives that we can help you get.  Click here to get a free estimate and lookup on what might be available for YOUR ancestor.

Oh, and yes, the National Archives are still closed because of the pandemic.  We're excited to get started again once they do reopen, but for now, we have a waiting list in place for new orders.  So while it may look like we're sold out, it's just what happens when the direct ordering is turned off.   Contact us directly to be added to the waiting list.  

Feel free to browse the site, see what's available, and check out our blog about Civil War records.  And while you're at it, you can follow us on Facebook for more updates!