Isn't it all online? Part 2-- Civil War compiled military service records

Isn’t it all online? Part 2– Civil War Compiled Military Service Records
A common misconception out there is that most of the Civil War records are online already. This is far from being accurate though. I’ll be doing a series of posts, explaining what records are online and what ones are only available at the National Archives for Civil War and War of 1812 soldiers. You may be surprised!
Next up are the Civil War Compiled Military Service Records. Many of these have been scanned on to Fold3, but many of them are only at the National Archives.
Every Civil War soldier should have these Compiled Military Service Records, regardless of which side they fought on. These records exist for both Union and Confederate soldiers .and give an overview of the soldier’s service. Among other things, they can detail if the soldier was transferred, promoted, demoted, captured, killed, or if he deserted.
If you’re looking for a Confederate soldier, you’re in luck. All of those are on Fold3, so you don’t need to order those from the National Archives.
The Union ones are a little trickier though. Some are online and some aren’t.
A good rule of thumb is that if the soldier fought from a state that sent fewer soldiers to the Union Army (such as Colorado or Delaware), that state will likely have their soldier’s service records on Fold3. If it’s a state that sent a lot of soldiers to the Union Army (such as Ohio or New York), those will likely NOT be on Fold3. You’ll have to get those directly from the National Archives (or order them through us!).
In addition, all of the service records from soldiers from the US Colored Troops have been scanned onto Fold3.
(Yes, every southern state except South Carolina DID have Union regiments too, so you’ll find those soldiers on Fold3, among the Union Army records. )
Let us help you get your ancestor’s military records in your hands!
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